The Protectors Gather for Super Bowl 70

The Protectors Gather for Super Bowl 70

On Super Bowl LI Sunday, February 5, 2017, there was an annual gathering of an ancient and athletic species known as Softballus Protectorus.

Translation – the boys of many California softball summers, The Protectors, stepped into the batter’s box at the palatial Woodland Hills home of Jim and Mary Dearing. Nobody whiffed. It was an afternoon of hugs, how ya beens, and dammit, who has the best numbers and squares. Truthfully, it was more of a gut check… in who had the biggest belly, who had the whitest hair, who had no hair, and who had to tinkle the most?

The Protectors Strike a Pose











As advertised, age 70 was the magic number. Hahn, Nagler, Nyberg, Scudder, and Werts had recently crossed this lofty threshold. Congrats to these testosterone-filled diamond dogs. For the record – Doctor, Mama, Sparky, and Magic had already been there and done that. Can you believe Vine saved every one of his team jerseys?! Attaboy, Stevie.

Vine’s Old Jerseys Hanging in the Rafters

The scorebook was filled with all the other nicknames. Bumper was there, so was Goose, Honey BearSki, Sluggo, and Willie. Missing from the lineup were Ace, Dude, Ruby, and Spike. And let’s not forget our beloved Miko. Darn shame, because of time and circumstances, this might have been the final at-bat to get the entire band back together.

The Protectors After Dark










The party bases were also loaded with the wives and significant others. MaryJeanne, Gina, Elaine, Misti, Alice, Sally, and Shawna to name a few. Can’t imagine this team would have survived all these decades and doubleheaders without their love, understanding, and support?! Take a bow, ladies, and have another Southern Comfort Sour.

The Protectors’ Extended Family and Friends








Final Pitch:  Lady Gaga rocked halftime. The Dearings did good – the chow and hospitality were outstanding. Kudos to LeBon for his picture-taking talents. Memories and money were made. British Columbians Elaine and Ski pocketed the final-score winnings. Lucky them, taking an extra 200 bones to Maui the day after the team gathering. Mahalo.

Maui Moneymakers Elaine + Ski


5 thoughts on “The Protectors Gather for Super Bowl 70

  1. I finally opened this – Funny stuff, Ski; clever and witty just like you. Wish you’d joined the team sooner and written more of the newsletters. Doc wrote most but with that oriental zen stuff about farting or motivational stuff for grasshoppers like “Fly like a locust and sting like a lotus.” Great seeing you and meeting Elaine.

  2. Ski, Great play by play. Had a good time seeing everyone and playing the Canadian national anthem for you. Hope we can keep doing this. Nice to meet your bride. Take care.


  3. Thank you Ski! Terrific account of our milestone Super Bowl reunion. I appreciate your acknowledgement of the remarkable friendship we all have shared for so many years. So glad you and Elaine could join back with the family this year!

  4. Ski,
    You have a way with words along with you’re bat. Had me tearing up from laughs and sentiment. Really enjoyed seeing you and meeting Elaine and hope to see you two again soon. Also read your post on Lovett and Hiatt and would love to see them perform in that setting. I enjoy seeing any performer that is a true master of his craft as those two are. Stay well.

  5. Ski and Elaine, aloha and welcome home. Enjoyed seeing you both and especially meeting
    Elaine for the first time. Hope you’ll be able to make more of our parties.
    Take care and who loves ya baby,

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